Tips on Cleaning Homes After Flood

If a natural disaster hits your area, it needs to wait days for help flood removal services. Floodwaters destroy property leaving homes with a mess that need to clean up before the rebuilding and total repair of the house. Either you choose to hire a professional company for complete cleaning services or you can do it by yourselves. 

While waiting for professional help

Aim on drying the house to prevent mold growth. Open all the window to enter the air with the fan turn on to quick dry of the area. Mostly, flood soak carpet is not recoverable. Molds grow in wet and dark areas with no air flow, so blow an air on the perimeter to keep from growing. 

How to clean by yourselves

Dry the home

By using a wet-dry vacuum, electric water transfer pump to remove standing water in the house. Wear rubber boots if you have to stand in a wet area. Open the doors and windows. Set up to blow outside the home.

Throw all things not recoverable

Remove and throw away flood-damaged carpet and padding. There are items that are not recoverable such as mattresses, rugs, upholstered furniture, cosmetics, stuffed animals, and baby toys. As well as, foam-rubber items, books, wall coverings, and most paper products. Throw away flood soak drywall and insulation.

Remove mold and sanitize the area

Hire a professional mold removal services if there is a great amount of mold in the house. To remove mold, clean hard surfaces with hot water and laundry detergent. Disinfect the area with a 10 percent bleach solution (a cup of bleach and one gallon of water). Spread the bleach on the entire area. By a spray of sponge, avoid excessive amounts of runoff or standing pools. Do not mix bleach and ammonia. The mixture creates deadly toxic gas then dry thoroughly. Wash the clothes infects by floodwater in hot water and detergent. 

Moreover, wallboards act like a sponge when wet, remove wallboard, plaster, and paneling to at least the flood level. If soak by contaminated floodwater, it will create a permanent health hazard and it is better to remove. For carpet, need to have a carpet cleaning service to restore the quality of the carpet but in the meantime, it needs to be dry properly. Mostly, if the carpet is soaked in rainwater for 24 hours it needs to be thrown away it will not be recovered. Work a disinfecting carpet cleaner into a soiled spot with a broom. 

Furthermore, for an electrical system, it must be shut off and repaired and inspected by an electrician before it can be turned back on. Wiring needs to be dry out even behind walls. The wet spot near a chimney or outside wall may mean the leak is caused by defective flashing (flashing is the sheet metal used in waterproofing roof valleys, hips and the angle between a chimney and a roof).

For the most part, it is essential to have an immediate action in taking care of the house after the flood. This is the most important investment of every family that needs to give much attention.

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