Things to do After the Flood

Flood is inevitable whether it came from the storm or other malfunction of the water drainage anywhere in the home. There are things you need to know on what to do after floods.

Safety First

The initial step in a home disaster is to remain safe. You will be a force to evacuate if the flooding is bad enough. Be sure you are safe when you return to your home to start dealing with the disaster. This may involve turning off the power as water and electricity don’t mix. Make sure to wear the protective clothing such as rubber boots and gloves. Make sure never eat the contaminated food by flood water, or even in close to the water for an extended period of time. If the water is higher enough to reach the refrigerator or any of the pantry cabinets. It is the safest practice to throw and buy more. Always be sure to wash dinnerware, glasses, and flatware that caught by the flood before using it.

Blocking and Removing Water

Initially, the first thing to do after a flood is removing all the water the remaining water left from home. Then use a wet vacuum to suck the remaining bits of water and moisture from carpets and floors. 

Drying Up the Home

After removing all the water everything will remain damp and wet, especially if heavy rains increase the humidity in your area. If the area has a power you may use the air condition and portable fans to help drier the wet areas of the house. Dehumidifiers are a big help, especially in a closed area such as basements or crawl spaces. This is the easiest way to dry out homes.

Calling the Insurance Company

Homeowner’s insurance will depend on the policies you have, most insurance companies cover flooding due to storms. The insurance company will send to look and assess the damage and determine if it is a covered loss. If the losses and damage are covered, the insurance company will pay it out sooner. Repairs are costly but with the insurance money will help get your home back with less of the financial burden. 


Furthermore, after the flood water is gone and already called the insurance company, it’s time to begin post-flood care. You may call professional flood removal service to help clean up the house perfectly. 


Typically, you may have damages in your house after the flood, flooring that may need to be replaced. After you receive the insurance money you may hire a construction company to repair all the damages. 

Without cleaning the house after Flood

Finally, if failure to completely clean up the home after a house flood can lead to severe and costly damages. Above all, failure to clean up after the house floods can create perfect conditions of mold growth, which can drive to illness. Mold is unpleasant even dangerous for other people. Mold can lead to severe allergy symptoms as well as asthma. However, there are things you can do to keep the growth of mold after a house flood. By hiring a professional company that has special equipment to remove the molds.



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