Best Flood Water Damage Clean Up Tips

Calamities such as storms and flashflood are inevitable. And sometimes these calamities may result in property damage. For instance, a storm may carry strong winds and rain which may cause a flood or leaky roof. But are you prepared for such situations? Do you know what to do when these inevitable natural disasters happen?


Well, to help you out, we prepared down below some water damage clean up tips for you. Keep reading to know more.

  1. Assess your safety – First, ensure that the electricity in the building has been turned off to avoid electric shock from drenched appliances. Also, be extra careful as the floor might be slippery. Smell for a possible gas leak and assess and inspect the place for some damages such as broken pilings, shifted stairs, and damaged ceilings. Do not enter places with severe structural damage. And lastly, do not turn on electricity or electric appliances if soaked under water.
  2. Clean up Water – Before cleaning the water, wear protective clothing such as boots and rubber gloves. Then proceed in cleaning the place that’s filled with water and dry it out. You can clean it using old towels and rugs, buckets, and mop. Removing the water as fast as you could increase your chance of saving some appliances that were damaged by water.
  3. Move Furniture and Appliances – Move the furniture as well as appliances while you are cleaning the debris. If your furniture and appliances are soaked with water, dry them out. It would be better if you’ll take them out to dry out under the sun. Do not plug your appliances if they are still soaked wet.
  4. Disinfect the area – After cleaning, disinfect the place to kill the bacteria’s that might have settled in the area. After all, this is an important thing to keep in mind when cleaning the place.
  5. Dispose of damaged items – After the cleanup, separate the damaged appliances and furniture to undamaged one. Throw them away if they are severely damaged and seems to be unrepairable.
  6. Painting Contractor- After the clean up we will need to Paint, If in Denver contact Denver Painting Contractor

These are the things that you must remember for water damage clean up we’d like to share with you. Cleaning after a calamity may be a lot of work for you and it may be exhausting for you. So, if you find cleaning your entire place exhausting, you can call for a Flood Service that may help you for emergency water removal. Calling a Flood Service is a wise choice for it saves you time and energy. All you have to do is let the Professionals do the work.

Actually, Flood Services is much convenient and efficient when it comes to flood removal. Why? because they have the necessary tools and equipment for water removal. And more importantly, they do water extraction and drying much effective than you can do. But in the end, it’s always up to you whether you’ll handle the job alone or let flood services help you out and do your job.

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